Andy Rooney Dies: 60 Minutes Icon Traveled To Super Bowl, Talked Sports Over The Years (VIDEOS)

11/05/2011 02:28 pm ET | Updated Jan 05, 2012

For more than 30 years, viewers of "60 Minutes" were invited to spend "A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney" each week, until he retired from the CBS program In October. About a month later, he died from complications after an undisclosed surgery.

During Rooney's weekly slot, the veteran television and radio writer would discuss any persons, places problems that had captured his attention. From critical issues facing the world to something relatively insignificant that may have gotten on his nerves earlier that day, Rooney's commentary was idiosyncratic and inimitable -- although quite a few folks had fun trying to impersonate him.

Among the many topics that Rooney pondered and expounded upon over the years was sports. Whether he was recalling watching Secretariat race during the 1970s as he reviewed the 2010 film based on the legendary horse or making yet another trip to the Super Bowl, Rooney seemed to understand that sports and athletes were a key component of the culture that he was always seeking to engage. He understood that sports weren't for everyone, but he made no secret that they were for him.

"There are several things that divide us in this nation. Some of us are Republicans, some of us Democrats; some of us are Protestant, some Catholic, some Jewish, some Atheist. Some of us eat carrots, some of us hate carrots. And, then, some of us can't get enough football, and some of us are glad when the season is over. Well, I love football." --Andy Rooney

Here are a few of Rooney's memorable sports-related clips over the years.

Rooney talks about his love for football and his favorite Super Bowl venues:

Rooney heads to the 2008 Super Bowl and predicts Giants' shock win over Patriots:

Rooney meets 7-foot-6 NBA player Shawn Bradley:

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