Charlie Sheen On 'Charles Swan III' Set With Jason Schartzman, Bill Murray (PHOTOS)

11/05/2011 09:22 am ET | Updated Jan 05, 2012

As Charlie Sheen mounts his comeback from crazyville to Hollywood (or, slightly less crazyville), he isn't straying too far from the themes of his troubled past year: there's the TV series about an angry man with bizarre tendencies, and a film about an arrogant ladies' man who hits rock bottom and suffers through nightmares with a moral lesson.

That film, the Roman Coppola-directed, "A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III," stars Sheen as a gainfully employed ladies' man who goes through fever dreams of past relationships as he tries to recover from a recent breakup and turn his life around. Production on "Charles Swan III" has begun, and on Friday night, Sheen treated his vast WhoSay following to some snaps from the shoot, including photos of explosions and shots of his delightfully costumed co-stars.

Amongst the best disguised? Old "Rushmore" buddies Jason Schwartzman and the film's newest addition, Bill Murray. Schwartzman looks positively 70s wolfman in his beard, big curly hair and leather jacket getup, while Murray is in all black, including a top hat.

Charlie Sheen's photo #SheenOnSwan3<br />
working with Bill Murray &<br />
Jason Schwartzman tonight<br />
...'aint too bad!! c

Charlie Sheen's photo #SheenOnSwan3<br />
take two...<br />
(this is at least TWO AND A HALF times more fun than my last gig..!)

Charlie Sheen's photo #SheenOnSwan3<br />
Jason & I, @pipermusic & Alena Savostikova improvising at the diner... It's cold out here but this is on fire!

Charlie Sheen's photo #SheenOnSwan3<br />
between scenes... hanging in the trailer with the boys!<br />
@bobmaron @shadyasian @kosherD & Gabe

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