Lindsay Lohan Glams Up, Shows Up For 'J. Edgar' After Party

11/05/2011 12:49 pm ET | Updated Jan 05, 2012

Lindsay Lohan has until Nov.9 to report to jail, but that didn't seem to bother the misguided actress, who showed up to an after party for "J. Edgar" Thursday night in L.A.

Lohan, dressed in a sparkly LBD and bright red lipstick, didn't even try to keep a low-profile at the celebrity-filled event, but perhaps she should have.

According to the New York Post, it seems Lohan didn't exactly have an invite to the star-studded party, which was held at the Roosevelt Hotel.

The paper claims Lohan bullied her way into the event, and attempted to get a photo with "J. Edgar" star Leonardo DiCaprio and director Clint Eastwood but wasn't able to finagle the photo-op.

Lohan's rep, however, insists rumors that she was an uninvited guest are rubbish.

"She did not crash, she was invited by a guest who attended the event," Lohan's rep told the Post. "I am not aware of her asking for photos with Leo or Clint. She was never asked to leave."

Thought the clock is ticking down for Lohan, who was sentenced last week to jail and additional community service for violating her probation, she's been keeping busy by stripping down for Playboy.

The actress reportedly shot a second racy shoot for Hugh Hefner's magazine this week, a photo shoot mom Dina Lohan called "tasteful."

And don't even get us started on the idea that Lohan could be Hefner's next girlfriend.

For more on Lohan at the "J. Edgar" party, head over to the New York Post.

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