11/05/2011 08:55 pm ET Updated Jan 05, 2012

Lion Cub And Toddler Play In Crib Together (VIDEO)

Forget guard dogs, lion cubs are the new way to protect your children in their crib.

Well, maybe not, but some parents seem to feel it's safe.

It might sound dangerous, but watch the video and decide for yourself. The cub is about as big as your average house cat ... for now. According to "The Early Show," this family lives in Australia, and the lion's mother couldn't produce enough milk, so the family took in the lion cub. Due to the low number on lions in the wild, the family is working hard to keep up their work of caring for the animals.

This adorable two-year-old isn't alone, either. Remember 17-year-old Felicia Frisco, also known as that-girl-who-sleeps-with-a-tiger-in-her-bed?

Like this little girl, Frisco cames from a family of animal handlers, and she kept the 100-pound Bengal tiger in her bed until the animal turned one, when he was returned to his feline community.

Lions and tigers aren't the only exotic animals to frequent domestic homes. From Kristen Stewart's wolf to the Kardashian sisters' pet monkey, celebrities are also big fans of bringing the wild to their homes. Keeping exotic pets has become increasingly controversial, and the Ohio exotic zoo animals disaster has sparked new debate over the issue.