11/07/2011 08:06 am ET | Updated Jan 06, 2012

Marama Vahirua Goal: Monaco Striker Juggles Ball & Scores Goal Against Le Mans (VIDEO)

Down by a goal late against Le Mans, Monaco striker Marama Vahirua scored an amazing equalizer that might make fans forget, at least for a second, that their team is in last place in Ligue 2.

Vahirua received a pass at the top of the box and showed off his juggling skills. The 30-year-old controlled the ball on the instep of his right foot, with his back to the goal. He then teed the ball up with his same foot before it could drop, spun around and blasted a volley past the goalkeeper. In a matter of seconds, Vahirua had put three quick touches on the ball and belted it into the back of the net before it ever touched the ground.

The match resulted in a 2-2 draw.