11/07/2011 11:50 pm ET | Updated Jan 07, 2012

Chip Mullen, Senior With Down's Syndrome, Scores Touchdown; Myrtle Beach Team Shows Sportsmanship (VIDEO)

In what's being hailed as a grand "gesture of sportsmanship," the Myrtle Beach Seahawks celebrated a playoff game's final touchdown scored by opposing team player Chip Mullen, a senior with Down's syndrome.

With a 64-10 lead late into the fourth quarter, the Myrtle Beach Seahawks had the first round of Class 3-A playoffs in the bag, and everyone knew it, the Sun News reports.

The last minutes of that game would mark the final plays of the season for Hilton Head; it would be the last time seniors, such as Mullen, would play high school football.

Mullen has scored touchdowns in the past, but Myrtle Beach Head Coach Mickey Wilson wanted to make sure the senior had just one more shining moment.

As the game came to an end, Wilson tipped officials and Hilton Head's coach to his plan, WSOTV points out. As the clock ticked down, Mullen ran a 75-yard touchdown to end the game.

The game might have not been a victory for Hilton Head, but Mullen did get to celebrate the touchdown with more than just his teammates. Myrtle Beach players joined the others in the end zone to congratulate Mullen on the successful play.

The final score was 64-16, with Myrtle Beach moving forward.

Watch the play and reaction for yourself in the video above provided by WPDE News.