11/07/2011 02:07 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Emma Roberts On Never Brushing Her Hair, Bucking The Pink Lip Trend And Working Out To Whitney Houston

Emma Roberts. Photo: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images

When your aunt is Julia Roberts, one of People magazine's "Most Beautiful Women in the World," you'd think that beauty secrets are constantly shared at family gatherings. But for 20-year-old actress and Neutrogena brand ambassador Emma Roberts, when she's hanging out with Aunt Julia, hair and makeup is the last thing on their minds.

Curious to know how she manages to always look so glamorous -- besides having great genes -- we caught up with Roberts in New York City where she revealed what's inside her makeup bag, the secret to her long lashes and an obsession with Jennifer Aniston's signature scent.

Stylelist: What beauty products are always in your handbag?
Emma Roberts: I'm a Neutrogena girl, so I use the Revitalizing Lip Balm and MoistureShine Gloss. Those are my favorites for lips because I'm all about wanting to do a lip color on the run. And especially when going from day to night, a glossy shine is fun. I'll go from a meeting to a dinner, just swipe that on and the color changes my look.

Stylelist: You have us suffering from total lash envy! What's your secret?
E.R.: I use Neutrogena Healthy Volume and it's so good because it doesn't dry up like a lot of mascaras do when you wear them all day and they're flaking. This [mascara] is good because you put on two swipes and it still looks natural. At night, I cake it on and it looks really smokey. And I'm also a big fan of drugstore brand individual!

Stylelist: Moving on to lips, natural or bold?
E.R.: I'm loving natural. I'll do red sometimes, but I'm kind of over red. I know everyone is trying to bring in this pink [lip], but I'm not joining in on the magenta bandwagon. So, I'm just more of a natural. I think it's more about eyes right now. I love seeing a huge thick line and lashes. I prefer that over a lip.

Stylelist: How do you keep your hair looking so healthy?
E.R.: I actually hate brushing my hair. I never brush my hair. My mom would say, 'You have to brush your hair!' But I make sure to deep condition it once a week because it gets so dry.

Stylelist: If you could go back in time and give your younger self words of advice about skincare, what would that be?
E.R.: To moisturize and cleanse. I see a lot of girls who are 13 and 14 years old that are starting to wear makeup or have minor breakouts and they don't wash their face. It's so important to take the five minutes to do it. That's what I love about Neutrogena. You can go to the drugstore, get something inexpensive and accessible and wash your face. When I was younger, at school, I would be outside P.E. and never put on sunscreen. Now, if I'm just out and about during the day and not necessarily active, I make sure to put it on my nose. After a while you start to notice freckles and spots on your face.

Stylelist: What fragrance are you wearing this fall?
E.R.: I'm obsessed with Jennifer Aniston's. I never buy celebrity perfumes, but her [fragrance] smells so good. It smells like California -- so great, fun and beachy.

Stylelist: Who are your beauty icons?
E.R.: I love Jennifer Aniston! I think she always looks so beautiful and like a movie star, but she is still accessible. You feel like you can get that look. She always looks confident and happy which is important on the red carpet -- to own the look that you're wearing.

Stylelist: What kind of music do you like to listen to while getting dolled up?
E.R.: I love Adele and am dying for her to have new stuff out. Katy Perry, I think she's just fun and has great music. Coldplay, I'm loving their new album. I like the soundtrack to "Like Crazy." I've also been playing a lot of Whitney Houston lately. I'm obsessed! "How Do You Know" is my workout song. I lip sync on the treadmill, wishing that I was her so badly.

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