Iranian Referee Attacked During Chooka Talesh-Shahrdari Dezfool Match (VIDEO)

11/07/2011 02:24 pm ET | Updated Jan 07, 2012

Being a soccer referee, especially overseas, has proven to be one of the most dangerous jobs in sports. After giving a Chooka Talesh player his second yellow card of last weekend's Iranian second division match against Shahrdari Dezfool, the home team immediately attacked the referee.

This didn't involve just a few players, but nearly the entire team charged after the ref and knocked him to the ground. Even the fans eventually joined in, forcing the ref to flee from the angry mob and escape behind the gate.

Earlier this year, an Argentine referee was attacked after apparently penalizing the wrong player during an Argentinian U-17's match. According to Metro, the coaching staff of one of the teams also attacked the official and forced him to scale the fence to get away.

Not long after that incident, a defender in the Uruguay Primera Division actually slapped a linesman after a red card was issued.


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