11/07/2011 09:34 am ET | Updated Jan 07, 2012

Jennifer Coll, Fort Collins Woman, Hit In Face With Unsecured Sledgehammer While Driving (VIDEO)

During her Friday morning commute in Fort Collins, Jennifer Coll got hit with a big surprise, literally -- The Coloradoan reports that an unsecured two-pound construction sledgehammer flew off the back of a pickup truck and through the front windshield of her Toyota Scion smashing her in the face. Incredibly, Coll, although black and blue, survived.

According to 7News Coll, 60, was driving down a rural two-lane road on her way to work and saying her morning prayers as she routinely does. When suddenly out of the corner of her eye she saw something traveling towards her "in slow motion, like a film" she recalled to 7News. Then the sledgehammer exploded through her window and hit her right in the face causing what she called, "excruciating pain."

Covered in blood and stunned from the blow, Coll still managed to pull her car over the side of the road, get out and flag down Adrian Mosness, another motorist who saw her standing and waving and stopped to help, Fox31 reports. Mosness admits he was a little wary of what he was getting involved in when he saw all the blood, but he convinced Coll to sit back down and wait for an ambulance which took her to Poudre Valley Hospital.

Coll wound up with a broken nose, two black eyes and three stitches -- she believes her own eyeglasses might have saved her from being blinded from all the tiny shards of glass that flew into the car as the windshield exploded from impact.

KRDO sat down with Coll who somehow retained her sense of humor, joking: "I got walloped by a two pound sledge. Yeah, I am so pleased I have teeth."