11/08/2011 08:04 am ET | Updated Jan 08, 2012

American Road Trip: Driving The Country In 5 Minutes (VIDEO)

Brian DeFrees took off on a 12,225-mile road trip across America, chronicling every step of the way in photos taken by his Canon 60D every 5 seconds.

DeFrees embarked on his journey from upstate New York, taking the northern route across the country towards Seattle, Washington before cutting down California and returning east along the southern rims of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama before heading north back towards New York state.

DeFrees created a detailed map of his journey and took daily Instagrams of "Welcome To" state signs and scenery.

Driving the American road is nothing new--it's a classic way to discover America. Back in September, a YouTube user uploaded their road trip across the country--mostly on I-90-- which they chronicled via their Droid X phones. Author James Reeves wrote a book entitled "The Road To Somewhere" about his experience on the road. And of course our own Paul Brady spent the summer "Traveling the American Road."

Check out DeFrees timelapse of his 12,225-mile journey below.