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Anthony Bourdain On 'Letterman': 'I'm Milking This Celebrity Chef Thing For Everything I Can' (VIDEO)

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Last night, Anthony Bourdain appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman and, like always, he wasn't afraid to speak his mind and be a bit self-deprecating. Letterman asked Bourdain about The Layover, his new show premiering November 21. Bourdain joked, "I'm milking this celebrity chef thing for everything I can get out of it."

When Lettermen inquired if some of the profits of his shows go toward the World Food Program or other charities, Bourdain was quick to respond, "I spent all the money on crack cocaine and shiny new cars."

Bourdain also reminisced about when he used to work in kitchens. "No matter how low things were in my life, how desperate, how unlovely my personal habits at the time," he said, "I knew I could always get a brunch gig...The smell of failure was French toast."

Watch the highlights of Bourdain's interview below:

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