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Misspelled 'Believe And Achieve' Tattoo Is A Double Whammy (PHOTO)

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 11/08/11 01:58 PM ET   Updated: 11/08/11 01:58 PM ET

We've seen some pretty bad misspelled tattoos before (and scroll down to see those) but this one, sent in by a reader, takes the cake.

"Believe to achieve" is a wonderful message, and we can totally see why it would make a great tattoo, but whoever did this unfortunate tat might have had a little more achieving to do. Maybe he just needed a few more classes at Ink University -- or, you know, any other school that teaches spelling. But, alas.

Belive and Achive? You better believe it.


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  • Beautiful Tradgedy

    The irony is killing us.

  • Hayden Panettiere's "Regret"

    Our first encounter with the misspelled tattoo was on <a href="">Hayden Panettiere</a>. An Italian phrase that ironically means "to live without regrets" has an extra "i" added in "rimpianti."

  • Tradgey, Comedy

    Another tragic tattoo, this time with an entire syllable missing.

  • F**k The Systsem

    Yeah, it's the <i>system</i> that holds you down. It's also the same system that normally teaches you how to spell.

  • Chi-Tonw

    What started out as a mistake has now become a <a href="">tattoo trend</a> in the windy city.

  • I'm Awsome

    ...But your tattoo artist's spelling abilities are not "awsome."

  • Sweet Pee

    She's either bad at spelling or has a really interesting fetish.

  • Tomarrow Never Knows

    Oh the things you'll know tomorrow, like regret, for example.

  • Leave A Coment Below

    Not to disappoint you, but you're going to be receiving a lot of the same "coments" on your tattoo.

  • Your Next... should probably be spell-checked!

  • Exreme?

    Okay, maybe the back of the "R" and the top of the "X" are supposed to form the missing "T", but we're willing to assume he forgot it and just doesn't give a s**t.

  • "Fore" Tomorrow We Die

    He got so caught up in the Gothic lettering he forgot you can't just add extra e's onto words for old-timey effect.