11/08/2011 03:34 pm ET | Updated Jan 08, 2012

Brownsville Gangs To Schedule Peace Talk

Following years of increasing violence and last month's horrific murder of Zurana Horton, the mother of 12 children who bravely shielded students from gunfire, rival gangs in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn have agreed to partake in a peace meeting to put an end to future violence.

The Daily News reports that a former member of the deadly Bloods gang will also be present to speak and encourage the troubled youth to renounce their criminal lifestyle.

Founder of the Brooklyn Blizzards Youth Organization Anthony Newerls said he was sure that members from at least five groups would be present at the meeting scheduled at a secret location.

Horton's murder outside a Brownsville public school alarmed the city and lead police to arrest three young men part of the '8 Block' gang who sought revenge on an 11-year old girl over a dispute concerning a cellphone. The 11-year old girl suffered minor injuries, but her life was saved by Horton.

Such petty incidents are all too familiar in the community. Back in 2008, New York Magazine called Brownsville the "deadliest place in the city" and reported rising homicide rates by a new generation of gangs different from their drug-selling predecessors from the 1980's. John Jay's Greg Donaldson explained to NYMag:

The idea that the shootings are drug-related has some truth to it, but it's overstated. What they are, are people who are armed because they're in the drug trade, but then it's often personal--somebody said something to someone's girlfriend.

The community has attempted to rebuild with centers like the Brownsville Recreation Center and Brownsville Partnership to help reduce gang related violence through education.

The video below is of 15-year old Tyquan Jamison who died last year, one of 11 shot in a span of 15 days in Brownsville :