11/08/2011 09:14 am ET | Updated Jan 08, 2012

Girl Trapped In Washing Machine Rescued By Mom In Okanogan

Typically, parents have to fight to get their kids to wash up, but here's a story of a mom using force to get her child out of the suds.

A Washington mom cracked open a running washing machine to rescue her 5-year-old daughter who'd gotten trapped inside at a Laundromat in Okanogan on Saturday, according to The Wenatchie World.

A sign said the machine was "out of order," according to The World and it's unclear if the girl climbed in herself or was put inside the malfunctioning machine.

But somehow the child got trapped inside and the machine turned on, despite claims from employees that it wasn't working earlier in the day.

The 29-year-old mom, thinking fast, ran to her car, retrieved a wrenched and shattered the window on the washer to pull her child out, the Okanogan County sheriff's office said. according to the Associated Press.

The spin cycle was rough ride for the girl who had a 10-inch gash in her back and the mom suffered some cuts and scrapes from the shards of broken glass, the World said. The girl was treated at a nearby hospital.