11/08/2011 03:56 pm ET Updated Jan 08, 2012

Nancy Grace Bringing Twins To 'Dancing With The Stars'

Chaz Bono's mom, Cher, may have helped him stick around an extra week on "Dancing with the Stars" and now nervous Nancy Grace is bringing some big guns to tonight's show -- her twins.

"Of course it will help having those two adorable faces smiling and clapping [for] mommy," a TV network executive told me. "Who is going to vote off someone's cute twins' mother?"

The Headline News host even sent out emails to her friends letting them know that they can vote for her 15 times each.

"Pl. don't forget me Tonight most difficult night so far," Nancy wrote. "Doing complicated tango and fast instant jive. Down to the wire. If u can, send up a prayer & vote! 800-868-3405, 5 times each cell, landline, computer. Twins n audience tonight! Lov, ng & twins."

How could anyone refuse?


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