11/09/2011 09:59 am ET | Updated Jan 09, 2012

Chicago's First Snow Of The Season Could Hit Wednesday

Chicago could see its first snowfall of the season late Wednesday as temperatures are expected to dip and rain could turn into snowflakes.

Though the day is anticipated to begin with somewhat mild temperatures in the 50s, later in the day, the forecast will turn windier and colder, NBC Chicago reports. No accumulation is expected, though the overnight low will dip into the lower 30s.

The culprit, according to CBS Chicago, is a weather system that has produced snow near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which will be heading east and hitting the Chicago area. The city's western and far northern suburbs will likely be the first to experience the flurries.

Potential snowy weather and colder temperatures will continue through Thursday, according to NBC, in advance of a weekend that should feature milder weather and temperatures in the 50s, even as it is expected to rain on Sunday.

The Chicago Weather Center notes that the Chicago area is somewhat behind schedule when it comes to snowfall this year, as the average date of first flurries falling in the area is Oct. 31. But never fear, snow lovers: The city's upcoming winter is still expected to be on par with the previous season's record snowfall and cold temperatures in addition to being the nation's worst.

Photo by Shahrukh Hasan via Flickr.