11/10/2011 02:17 am ET | Updated Jan 09, 2012

Joe Paterno Fired: Reactions To Penn State Board Of Trustees Announcement (TWEETS)

On Wednesday evening, John Surma of the Penn State Board of Trustees announced the firing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno.

Earlier on Wednesday, Paterno announced his own intention to retire at the end of the season. In the statement announcing his own exit strategy Paterno added that the BOT "should not spend a single minute discussing my status."

Clearly, they felt the need to spend at least a few minutes discussing Paterno's status. In the aftermath of the Board's decision, Paterno's status became one of the hottest topic for discussions on the Internet. Reactions to the news varied wildly on Twitter , but emotions ran high in all camps.

There was outrage, especially among students, about the decision to remove Paterno. On the other hand, there was relief among those who believe this was the first step in addressing the heinous crimes that were committed. Of course, even some of those who believed that Paterno had to be removed felt that he deserved more than just a phone call. Others, meanwhile, asked why Mike McQueary -- the current assistant coach who witnessed ex-defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky sexually assault a young boy in a locker room shower and told Paterno, but not the police -- kept his job. And some accepted the board's decision as the only option they had.

Scroll down to see some of the twitter reactions.

Twitter Reactions To Firing Of Joe Paterno