11/09/2011 07:12 pm ET Updated Jan 09, 2012

Mendocino County Marijuana Program At Risk After DEA Raids Permitted Farm

This article comes to us courtesy of California Watch.

By Michael Montgomery

On Oct. 13, heavily armed Drug Enforcement Administration agents raided Northstone Organics, a medical marijuana cooperative in Mendocino County. The farm is part of a county-wide program that remains the only effort in California to impose local controls on marijuana production. The program has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees for the sheriff's department and has become a model for other counties looking to bring order to the medical marijuana industry.

The Center for Investigative Reporting and KQED examined Mendocino's experiment in legalizing medical marijuana cultivation in this summer's PBS FRONTLINE episode "The Pot Republic" and has obtained exclusive access to footage from the Oct. 13 raid.

This reporting is part of an ongoing investigation by CIR, FRONTLINE and KQED.