11/09/2011 08:30 am ET | Updated Jan 09, 2012

Penn State Board Of Trustees 'Outraged' Over Sex Abuse Scandal

In its first public statement since news of a devastating sexual abuse scandal engulfed Penn State University this weekend, the Penn State Board of Trustees has said it is 'outraged' by the events that have transpired and plans to take 'swift, decisive action.'

"We cannot begin to express the combination of sorrow and anger that we feel about the allegations surrounding Jerry Sandusky, the board wrote. "We hear those of you who feel betrayed and we want to assure all of you that the Board will take swift, decisive action." (Read the full statement here.)

This statement, in response to the staggering sexual assault allegations brought against former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, is a stark departure from a call of support expressed by PSU President Graham Spanier on Saturday.

The board also said it would form a special committee to thoroughly examine "the circumstances that gave rise to the Grand Jury report."

Based on the report, Sandusky was charged with 40 counts of sex crimes against minors Saturday. The report also alleges that head football coach Joe Paterno and Spanier knew of the assaults occurring by Sandusky on campus, and did little to stop them.

The board is expected to discuss Spanier's fate Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the scandal continues to spark national outrage. The New York Times editorial board today seared Penn State, writing that "the scandal grows out of culture that seems to protect football at all costs." The Penn State Daily Collegian editorial board demanded that Spanier report to the public instead of hiding from view.

View the scandal's key players below. What do you think? Should Spanier be fired? And what about Paterno? Weigh in below.

Key Players In The Sandusky Scandal At Penn State (All Images via AP)