11/09/2011 08:44 am ET | Updated Jan 09, 2012

Tom Waits, 'Satisfied': New Video Off Bad As Me (VIDEO)

Tom Waits is sounding especially growly on his latest track off the newly released Bad As Me, his first album of new music in seven years that critics were relieved to find is as good as he ever was. "Satisfied" has Waits broaching the subject of death, and how he envisions his post-death life: "When i'm gone/roll my vertebrae out like dice/let my skull be a home for the mice/let me bleach like the bones on the beach/I'll be hard like a pit from a peach." He insists, through it all, that he will have satisfaction goddammit. In the high contrast black-and-white video for "Satisfied," directed by Jesse Dylan (son of Bob), Waits stumbles around ghoulishly, pointing an imaginary gun and slapping his hands together. Normally we'd call that clapping, but when you're Tom Waits, it's just called slapping your hands together.