11/09/2011 08:32 am ET | Updated Jan 09, 2012

Top 10 Celebrities Over 50 On Twitter

Remember when Facebook was strictly a young person's game, viewed with skepticism and quasi-hostility from everyone over 30? Then, in time, everyone embraced the social networking giant, realizing the benefits to communication that it offered, and Facebook joined email, text messaging and smart phones as staples of modern interaction.

Today, it seems Twitter -- the micro-blogging service that offers instant updates about celebrities and world events to users who can in turn "tweet" the happenings in their own lives in 140 characters or less to their friends and followers -- is destined to take its place as the next multi-generational phenomenon to sweep the Web.

To help those reluctant readers that haven't joined the Twitter-revolution yet, Huff/Post50 decided to compile our list of the top 10 celebrity twitter users over 50 that prove Twitter is not just a young person's game. They're by no means the most followed Twitter users, but these 10 celebs are some of the most talked about, praised, and re-tweeted users. If you're starting your own account, or already have one, these feeds are a must:

Top 10 Celebrities Over 50 To Follow On Twitter