11/09/2011 04:20 pm ET | Updated Jan 09, 2012

Lolong Is World's Biggest Crocodile: National Geographic

A town in the Philippines hungry for a little attention claims that a huge saltwater crocodile caught two months ago is the biggest ever.

Lolong, a 21-foot 4-inch big boy, is the pride and joy of Bunawan, where town officials claims their favorite pet reptile should be crowned king of the crocs, according to

A town council member said Lolong -- who was captured by hunters after reports of attacks on residents and livestock -- is allegedly about three feet longer than Cassius, an Australian crocodile recognized by Guinness World Records as number one, The Telegraph reports.

Adam Britton, an Australian zoologist who measured Cassius at 17 feet, 11 inches in 2008, stretched at the tape measure for Lolong too.

A spokesperson for Guinness said it was looking into the town's claim.

Locals hope to turn Lolong into a toothsome tourist attraction, while animal rights critics want to see the big fella released from captivity.


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