11/10/2011 10:10 am ET | Updated Jan 10, 2012

Cee Lo Green's 'Anyway': The Musician's Latest Lovejam With Rivers Cuomo (VIDEO)

Cee Lo's latest is a little less f**k you and a little more "I love you."

Green has just released a new video for the song, "Anyway," a galactic backdrop-set video that provides the lyrics for the ditty in block letters. As the universes foams and flies away, Cee Lo describes everything his girl does wrong, and then say's it's okay -- it's unconditional love. Cee Lo did the same for "F**k You" -- which means, perhaps, a full video is forthcoming for "Anyway."

Co-written by Wallpaper and Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo (himself a devotee of the anguished love song), "Anyway" is set to be released as a part of the platinum edition of Cee Lo's album The Lady Killer, and as a single December 12. Other new tracks include "Scarlet Fever," "Love Gun," and a cover of the Band of Horses song, "No One's Gonna Love You."

No word yet on whether Gwyneth Paltrow will wear a star-spangled jumpsuit as Cee-Lo dresses as a technicolor turkey.

Watch the video below: