11/10/2011 03:22 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2012

Craft Of The Day: Brown Paper Bag Flowers

Photo by Destiny Alfonso

Forget tea dying, use already rustic brown paper bags to make these festive autumn flowers. All you need is brown paper bags, a glue stick and scissors. First, cut the bottom off of the bag. Then, trace or free-hand a wide leaf on the bag and cut them out (save the smaller ovals/leaves that also fall out for later). Then, glue eight of the larger leaves together in the shape of a flower and do the same with the smaller leaves. Finally, glue the smaller flower on top of the larger one. We love how this designer, Destiny Alfonso, cascaded them down the wall over her fireplace, and you can visit her blog, A Place For Us, for the full tutorial.

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Craft Of The Day

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