New Miles Davis Biopic Will Show The Good And Bad

11/11/2011 03:19 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

An upcoming Miles Davis biopic looks like it will see the light of day after George Tillman Jr. has agreed to direct. Tillman's resume includes the Notorious B.I.G biopic 'Notorious' as well as the family comedy, Soul Food.

Producers Nick Davis Raynes and Ged Dickersin are collaborating with Davis' eldest son, Gregory Davis, to bring the jazz legend's story to the silver screen. The film will be loosely based on Gregory’s biography, "Dark Magus: The Jekyll and Hyde Life of Miles Davis," which tells the story of Davis' constant reinvention and his struggles with personal demons.

"In much the same way that Walk the Line and Ray were able to open the world’s eyes to the life stories of Johnny Cash and Ray Charles," producer Raynes told Deadline, "we want to make a film that will do the same justice for Miles Davis."

Davis recorded numerous seminal albums during his long career at the forefront of jazz, works as different as Kind of Blue and Bitches Brew, but he also experienced struggles with heroin and cocaine addiction in addition to his frequent womanizing.

Actor Don Cheadle had developed a Miles Davis biopic with another of Davis' sons, Erin, but financing was surprisingly hard to come by considering that a script was already written. Cheadle was even able to enlist jazz superstar Herbie Hancock, himself a former Miles Davis Quintet member, to score the film.

We think Cheadle could make a great Miles Davis. Maybe he and Tillman could join forces?

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