11/10/2011 08:03 am ET | Updated Jan 10, 2012

Occupy Wall Street, Faces Of Zuccotti Park: The Local (VIDEO)

This is the fifth piece in a series profiling the protesters of Occupy Wall Street.

Not everyone at Zuccotti Park is an activist. Some of the visitors to the OWS encampment are just local residents and workers drawn to the area out of a curiosity and a desire to explore new spaces. Matt (who declined to give his last name but appears in the video below) works for WBAI radio in a nearby office building on Wall Street, and he's been stopping by Zuccotti frequently on his way to and from work.

On a recent afternoon, we found him diligently pedaling away on a stationary bike that is being used to power batteries at the park. When asked how long he planned on pedaling he replied, "I guess maybe another 10 to 15 minutes, something like that, then I gotta get downtown."

Watch the video below to see Matt’s visit to the park.