11/11/11 Times Square Wedding: 11 Couples To Marry In Group Ceremony

11/11/2011 11:10 am ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012

On Friday Nov. 11 -- 11/11/11 -- 11 couples who entered a contest on Facebook will say "I Do" together in New York City's Times Square.

The lucky duos won the Crowne Plaza Hotel's "Marry Me" sweepstakes after sharing their love stories on Facebook. Some are married and renewing their vows, while others are just beginning their lives together.

For some couples, like Lazaro and Tanya who married in court 20 years ago, their 11/11/11 wedding will be the celebration they've never had. For others, like lesbian couple Sheila and Melissa -- who can't legally wed in their home state of Florida -- the Times Square mass ceremony is an opportunity to show the world that, as Sheila says, "anyone can fall in love."

Click through the slideshow below to read excerpts from the couple's winning entries and conversations with HuffPost Weddings (the couples chose not to make their full names public for privacy reasons).