11/11/2011 11:03 am ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012

Australia's Great Barrier Reef Attracts Tourists During Coral Spawning

So last night was a full moon. What does that mean, exactly, other than that boatloads of babies were probably born? Well, it's time to go watch the coral spawn, of course!

That's right -- the annual coral spawning in Australia's Great Barrier Reef is expected to occur from November 15 to 17, reports The event occurs annually about four to six nights after the November full moon.

Apparently, scuba divers and scientists from around the globe are flocking to Queensland to witness the event.

Great Barrier adventure cruising company Fantasea will give visitors a chance to experience the spawning up close at night with a cruise on its Fantasea Reefworld pontoon boat. Divers will be provided torch lights to view the coral.

"The great thing about night snorkeling or diving is that viewing the corals with an artificial light allows you to see colors that you cant see during the day,'' Fantasea Adventure Cruising marine biologist Emily Smart told

Even if the coral doesn't spawn that day, a trip on the Reefworld doesn't seem half bad.