David Long Jr. vs Playboy: Judge Asked To Drop Lawsuit

11/11/2011 02:50 pm ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012

It's practically an unwritten law in clubs across the nation: guys pay a steep cover charge, but the ladies get in for free. But one man decided that enough was enough, and earlier this year, he filed a lawsuit against Playboy for what he claims is an unfair door policy.

But the bunny is fighting back. On Wednesday, Playboy Enterprises International Inc. announced in a press release that they've asked a judge to drop a lawsuit against the Playboy Mansion for discrimination against men.

Earlier this year, David Long Jr. filed a class action lawsuit with LA Superior Court citing "unlawful discrimination," reports LA Weekly. Long asserts that the event participated in "gender-biased pricing where female customers were offered a free or reduced price admission," reports the release -- which also appeared to vary admission prices based on a scale of attractiveness.

This is where Playboy Enterprises International Inc. steps back in and says thats not quite accurate. Playboy rents out Playboy Mansion West -- a 29-room house that includes a game house, swimming area, grotto, zoo, aviary and expansive yard area for entertaining -- to third parties as a venue. Playmates can be hired to act as docents; security staff and staff coordinators are provided by the Mansion. Admission price, guest list, and charity donations are determined by the third party.

"The undisputed facts show that [Playboy] did not set or charge the allegedly discriminatory pricing, nor did it aid or incite the pricing decision by the promoter," reports a Playboy brief.

The 2009 event in question was the Third Annual White Party. The event was hosted by DASK PRODUCTIONS and proceeds from the night benefitted the Keep A Breast Foundation. DASK has been producing live shows and events since 1986. The company's MySpace page has promotion for a previous Halloween event encouraging women to "apply for Sexy Halloween Costume sponsored tickets."

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