11/11/2011 05:23 pm ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012

Extreme Weather Photos Of The Week From Around The World

This week saw a number of wild weather events occur across the globe.

Flooding, storms and snow disrupted lives around the world, as the weather images below captured in photos.

In Thailand, severe flooding has left hundreds dead. Confronted with the worst flooding in half a century, a 3.7 mile sandbag wall was built to protect the vulnerable capital of Bangkok.

Heavy rain in Genoa, Italy last week led to flooding which has reportedly caused over six deaths and significant property damage. Flights and soccer matches were delayed as a result of the flooding.

An unusual storm recently hit the west coast of Alaska. Hurricane-strength winds battered coastal towns and sent 10-foot-high waves crashing upon the shore.

For U.S. readers, don't expect much wild weather this weekend. As of Friday, forecasters called for showers and snow in some regions, with mild weather for most of the country.

Below, check out the pictures of wild and dramatic weather events from the past week:

Wild Weather Of The Week 11/11/11