Lloyd Miller Accused Of Peeping In Women's Bathroom At Disney World

11/11/2011 03:25 pm ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012

A 42-year-old Winter Park, Florida man is accused of playing the peeping Tom in a women's restroom at Disney's Epcot Center.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Lloyd Miller was arrested on Friday after he was found peering over a bathroom stall at a female tourist and her daughter visiting from Pennsylvania.

The incident reportedly took place shortly after midnight on Thursday near Spaceship Earth. The woman screamed and made her daughter leave the restroom. Miller was chased from the bathroom by the woman's husband and later apprehended by Disney police.

Miller was charged with voyeurism, loitering or prowling and trespass after warning. He was, the Sentinel reports, previously banned from Disney properties for unidentified reasons. WDBO reports that he was released on a $700 bond.

Tourist Heather Johnson told WDBO, "I think it's awful. I mean, you're here on vacation, families are trying to enjoy themselves and go to a magical, beautiful place and something like that kind of shocks you."

Miller reportedly has a long criminal past in the state of Florida with 15 prior arrests, the station reports.

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