West Town Home Features Sleek Lines, Modern Staircase (PHOTOS)

11/12/2011 02:29 pm ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012

Into the sleek, minimalist look? A newly-built $949,900 detached single home just hit the market on Chicago's West Side, featuring 4,225 square feet of pure white walls, dark hardwood and boxy fixtures. This home features a statement staircase with floating steps and high, glass railings, in a dark wood matching many of the four-bedroom home's floors.

Highlights include a balcony, quirky chandeliers, a built-in wet bar, wine cellar and a media room with acoustic, upholstered walls. A front and back yard make it an ideal home for families with pets, and a roof deck over the garage extends the outdoor space.

See photos of the newly-listed West Side space. Does it live up to the price tag?

Hat tip to Curbed Chicago.

Quirky, Modern West Side Home
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