Iraq Troop Withdrawal: Majority Of Democrats, Republicans Agree With Obama Decision, Poll Finds

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As the Republican presidential candidates prepare to debate foreign policy in South Carolina Saturday night, a new poll shows that three in four Americans support the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

Seventy-seven percent of Americas approve of President Barack Obama's decision to withdraw troops by the end of the year, according to a new CBS News poll, including 63 percent of Republicans.

Just 17 percent of Americans disapprove.

The poll follows on a Gallup poll earlier this month, which similarly found that three-quarters of Americans support the decision to withdraw troops.

In that poll, 96 percent of Democrats, 77 percent of independents, and 43 percent of Republicans supported Obama's decision.

At an event in South Carolina earlier this week, Michele Bachmann sharply criticized Obama's troop withdrawal decision.

"As President, my decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan or Iraq would be based on military considerations and not on turns helping my personal political fortunes," she said, according to's Greg Hambrick.

Bachmann's speech was interrupted by Occupy Wall Street protesters.

"You capitalize on dividing Americans. Claiming people that disagree with you are unpatriotic socialists. And you promote discrimination. This does not help the American People," they stated.

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