Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez LIVE UPDATES: WBO Welterweight Title On Line

11/12/2011 10:35 pm ET | Updated Jan 12, 2012

Juan Manuel Marquez (52-5-1, 38 KOs) is not the opponent that that most fight fans would like Manny Pacquiao (53-3-2, 38 knockouts) to be facing tonight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. But that doesn't mean that he's not a fighter capable of challenging Pacquiao and doing his part to deliver a thriller.

Tonight's Pacquiao-Marquez bout is the third meeting of these two experienced boxers. While the singing congressman from the Philippines holds a 1-0-1 advantage in this bouts, Marquez believes he was the better fighter in both meetings. In each fight, Pacquiao was able to register enough knockdowns to offset any advantage Marquez held in number of rounds won.

Despite his impressive performance in those fights, Marquez is the decided underdog. Pacquiao has evolved into an all-time great in recent years and is no longer the one-handed fighter that Marquez previously faced. Of course, Marquez is a renowned counterpuncher. Perhaps this time he hopes to be the one to produce a result against the run of play by way of a knockdown.

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11/13/2011 1:03 AM EST


@ DanWetzel :

Arum and Manny are both fine with a rematch. Mayweather will immediately go to back burner. This was a great fight

11/13/2011 12:59 AM EST

Marquez Interview

Possibly wearing only a sombrero, a battered looking Marquez describes fight as robbery. He "looks" like he lost this fight right now.

11/13/2011 12:56 AM EST

'Let's Get It On'

Kellerman coaxes this message from Manny to Floyd Mayweather. He adds something, timidly, about "giving the people a good fight." Somehow, I don't think Floyd is as concerned about giving the people anything.

11/13/2011 12:53 AM EST

Technical Difficulties

Manny's postfight interview is a no go because microphone is dead. As he talks all we hear is booing of pro-Marquez fans.

11/13/2011 12:52 AM EST

Postfight Scene

@ DanWetzel :

Marquez leaves to wild cheers. Manny being drowned out by boos as interview begins. Boxing baby!

11/13/2011 12:51 AM EST

The Scorecards

@ sportspickle :

114-114, 115-113, 116-112. Boxing match or Big-12 football games?

11/13/2011 12:50 AM EST


Total Punches Thrown

Pac 578

Marq 436


Pac 176

Marq 138

11/13/2011 12:49 AM EST

Majority Decision

Pacquiao wins by majority decision. One judge had it even an the other two had it for Pacquiao. HBO crew agrees. Many will not. In hindsight, Marquez' corner may have cost him the fight by having him not fight the 12th. Terrible error.

11/13/2011 12:46 AM EST

Someone Isn't Going To Be Happy

@ HBOboxing :

That's the final bell. We really pity the judges on this one.

11/13/2011 12:45 AM EST


Marquez celebrating as if win is foregon conclusion. Manny kneeling in his corner in prayer, sorrow.