Massive Attack, '3D & Vermona Demo': Duo Quietly Drops A New Track (AUDIO)

11/13/2011 09:43 am ET | Updated Nov 13, 2011

Massive Attack debuted a new song with hardly a peep on Friday, posting a link on their Facebook to a song with the label "11/11/11 demo" (h/t Prefix). When you follow the link, you arrive at a song titled "3D & Vermona Demo." The only thing we can say definitively is that this song is a demo. Insightful, we know. But even in its demo stage, it's a strong showing for Massive Attack, replete with those lush synth sounds that define the trip hip hop duo. So let's get to what really matters here -- listening!

3D & VERMONA DEMO by Euan Me

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