11/13/2011 11:14 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Pat Lynch, Wyoming Buffalo High School Football Coach, Resigns After Handing Out Homophobic, Sexist 'Hurt Feelings Report' To Players

A Buffalo, Wyoming, high school football coach has resigned following a scandal involving a survey he handed out to students that featured homophobic and sexist comments.

Pat Lynch stepped down from his role as head coach of the Buffalo High School football team earlier this week after distributing a document titled "The Hurt Feeling Report," reports The Casper Star-Tribune.

The survey, which was given to football players before their first-round playoff game at Afton, asked students to identify why their feelings were hurt with questions like "Which ear were words of hurtfulness spoken into" and did they "need a tissue for the tears" before inquiring about the "reasons for filing this report" which included "I am a Queer," "I am a pussy," and "I have woman like hormones."

During a Johnson Country School Board meeting this week, members unanimously accepted Lynch's resignation. He will remain a guidance counselor at the high school.

"[Lynch] screwed up, he screwed up big time," superintendent Dr. Rod Kessler told the Star-Tribune. "The coaching, we didn't want that to be the issue anymore. We wanted him to have his priority back where it was as a counselor. None of us are happy that it happened. It's a black eye to the district. And it's a black eye to Pat."

Though Lynch was not present at the meeting, a letter of apology drafted by the former football coach was read by trustee Mark Gordon, according to The Buffalo Bulletin.

The letter read:

"I would like to apologize for my lack of judgment and the poor choice that I made from my position as head football coach for Buffalo High School. I know that this situation has caused you pain and discomfort, and for that I am truly sorry. As a person and a professional, I believe I will learn and grow from this experience and use it to help others... I appreciate having had the opportunity to coach in this community for the past 22 years. It has been a rewarding experience. I am eager to earn back your trust as I continue to serve in a profession that I truly love."

Lynch served as a coach at the school since 1998.

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