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HUFFPOST FUNDRACE - Elizabeth Warren Goes On Air

Elizabeth Warren enters the air war... Scott Walker to interrupt "Monday Night Football"... Mourning in America... More shady Cain Super PAC leeches... And videos from Our Destiny, Rick Perry, David Dewhurst, Richard Mourdock, and more.

WARREN ENTERS AIR WAR -- Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is going on the air for the first time with a biographical intro spot that seeks to connect her story to those of her fellow Bay Staters. The ad comes less than a week after the Karl Rove-linked Crossroads GPS announced an ad buy attacking Warren as an effete, socialist professor. HuffPost's Sam Stein writes, "The spot, which a campaign source says will run statewide, is not a direct response to the negative ads that Republican groups -- namely Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS -- are running against Warren. But it does play off of the notion that the consumer advocate's name and reputation are going to be tarred in the months ahead. ... The ad, in part, is being funded by a backlash to Rove's spot. In an email to supporters, Warren notes that her campaign has raised $300,000 from donors in response to Crossroads GPS, while simultaneously asking recipients for more money." [HuffPost]

The $300,000 the Warren campaign raised since Rove's ad was announced last week underscores her strong fundraising since announcing. After raising $3.2 million in just a few weeks in September her grassroots fundraising has remained strong. One barometer of that grassroots support is a candidate's support through the progressive fundraising hub ActBlue. Warren raised $943,336 from 27,756 donors through ActBlue from her entry into the race through the close of third quarter fundraising on September 30. Since then, she has raised an additional $1.4 million from 30,700 donors through ActBlue.

ARE YOU READY FOR A RECALL? -- Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has purchased $300,000 worth of air time for an advertisement to air tonight during the "Monday Night Football" game between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. The Journal Sentinel's Daniel Bice writes, "The Walker campaign will begin airing TV ads in Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison and Wausau during the Monday night football contest between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings, according to sources. The campaign spot will then air throughout the rest of the week in those markets, insiders say. Walker's team has purchased more than $300,000 worth of air time between Monday and Sunday. ... The spots will begin running just hours before the recall effort begins collecting signatures." [Journal Sentinel]


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Elizabeth Warren launches first ad, a biographical intro -- [http://youtu.be/kE_wj6NHdEQ]

Huntsman Super PAC Our Destiny asks "Why haven't we heard of this guy?" -- [http://youtu.be/eWMmPu0OKiU]

Rick Perry says that congressmen trading stocks based on inside information should be in jail -- [http://youtu.be/bWV_nwpRG9c]

Huntsman's campaign knocks Romney for position on China currency manipulation -- [http://youtu.be/5zl9pu2HNXk]

TX GOP Senate candidate David Dewhurst launches first television ad -- [http://youtu.be/TMqc4bliRK0]

Richard Mourdock, conservative challenger to Sen. Dick Lugar, released an ad attacking Lugar for his many crossover votes and for being labeled "Obama's favorite Republican" -- [http://youtu.be/Rafk3ncXLF0]

Running for State Auditor has never, ever been this exciting -- [http://vimeo.com/30216738]

ANOTHER SUPER SHADY SUPER PAC FOR CAIN -- The Washington Times' Luke Rosiak continues to cover the "crooked Cain Super PAC" beat, "A felon once imprisoned for fraud is raising money in the name of Herman Cain and profiting off of it through a company he owns. It is the second group raising large amounts of Cain cash that has a history of collecting millions of dollars through politically charged mailings and spending hardly any of it on politics. ... Draft Herman Cain is the latest from two California men who have raised tens of millions of dollars cashing in on causes such as breast cancer and illegal immigration, with little to show for it except payments to fundraisers and themselves, an analysis by The Washington Times shows." [WashTimes]

HUNTSMAN SUPER PAC LAUNCHES DEPRESSING AD -- Our Destiny PAC, a super PAC backing former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman in the GOP primary, is buying close to $300,000 in air time in New Hampshire to air a pretty depressing advertisement. The ad features close-up shots of "ordinary" people who all impart serious downers on the viewer. "Are we the next Greece?" "The world is literally collapsing," says a man channeling Rob Lowe's Parks & Recreations character. As New York Times political editor Dick Stevenson tweeted, "Huntsman Superpac ad not exactly Morning in America." [YouTube]

@AndyKroll All it needs is a new candidate. RT @nickconfessore: Huntsman SuperPAC has a new Web site and a new ad. http://bit.ly/pGekg0

PERRY TELLS CONGRESSMEN TO GO TO JAIL, DEM SUPER PAC LAUGHS -- After 60 Minutes' story on congressional insider trading (a story that sort of missed the mark) Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry cut a web video stating, "Any congressman or senator that uses their inside knowledge to profit in the stock market ought to be sent to jail, period. And Congress ought to pass a law that says so right now--no ifs, ands, or buts." The Democratic Super PAC American Bridge thought this would be an appropriate time to dump a huge amount of oppo on Perry including these nuggets, "Perry Earned $38,000 Profit After Selling Shares In Donor's Company ... Mr. Perry said it was a coincidence that 2,800 shares of stock in a hospital equipment company, Kinetic Concepts Inc., were purchased on his behalf on the same day a California investment group began buying 2.2 million shares in the company, boosting the stock's value ... Perry Bought Land From Close Friend At $150,000 Below Market Value ... Gov. Rick Perry's aides Wednesday said he had nothing to hide in 1998 when he transferred 60 acres of south Austin real estate to his blind trust immediately before a legislative session that passed a bill benefiting area landowners." Oops. [YouTube & American Bridge]

CROSSROADS REQUEST FACES SERIOUS RIDICULE -- Last week, Stephen Colbert lampooned a request by the Super PAC American Crossroads to the FEC to allow candidates to appear in the Super PAC's ads. Colbert's favorite line in the Crossroads request reads, "While these advertisements would be fully coordinated with incumbent Members of Congress facing re-election in 2012, they would presumably not qualify as 'coordinated communications.'" Three pro-reform groups--Democracy 21, Campaign Legal Center, and Brennan Center for Justice--are opposing the Crossroads request and all citing the same line picked out by Colbert.

Brennan: "Constitutional law, federal statutes, and common sense dictate that American Crossroads' proposal must be decisively rejected. If the proposed advertisements do not constitute 'coordinated communications' under the Commission's regulations, they must be deemed in-kind contributions to the candidates under the Commission's coordination rule." [Brennan Center]

Democracy 21 & Campaign Legal Center: "In short, a political committee seeks the Commission's permission to 'fully coordinate' ads with candidates, featuring those candidates, echoing the candidates' campaign slogans, in ads that are 'thematically similar' to the candidate's own campaign ads, for the purpose of improving voters' 'perceptions' of those candidates in the 2012 election-without treating its payments for such ads as coordinated expenditures under federal law. Just to recite this request is to demonstrate the absurdity of it." [D21 & CLC]




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