Thanksgiving Crafts: Stenciled Holiday Napkins

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Photo courtesy of HGTV

Holiday linens make festive accents, but they can be expensive to buy. However, you can easily transform one of your current napkins into a temporarily themed one using a stencil and washable fabric paint. You'll need cotton or linen napkins, washable acrylic paint, fabric medium, a stencil and a foam-brush-topped bottle. To begin, position the stencil in the desired location and secure it with tape. Next, mix the acrylic paint and the fabric medium in the foam-topped bottle, and then apply it to the napkin. Try not to use too much paint because it will bleed under the stencil. To finish, carefully lift the stencil and let the paint dry. Now, hang the towel in the restroom, around your kitchen or create multiple to use as table linens while entertaining.

For more detailed instructions, visit HGTV.

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