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TSA Warns Travelers Over Christmas Gifts

First Posted: 11/14/11 07:42 AM ET Updated: 11/14/11 07:42 AM ET


In the wake of last week's pot-filled Christmas gift finding, when a TSA agent found dozens of pounds of marijuana wrapped as a Christmas present on passenger Derik Dwayne Neely, the TSA has issued a warning to travelers not to try that again.

The TSA is telling passengers that anything that looks like a Christmas gift might just be searched, including but not limited to bows and arrows and pool cues, CBS Los Angeles reports.

As always, items that have previously been prohibited from airplanes--like pocket knives--will still not be allowed to get on board, even if they are wrapped in cute holiday-themed paper.

Every day the TSA seems more and more like Scrooge. Last year, Taiwanese animation firm put together a little carol to get travelers in the spirit of the holidays.

In Los Angeles International Airport last year, a TSA choir came out to spread holiday cheer--and perhaps prove to passengers that the TSA just wants to be loved.

Check out LAX's TSA choir sing Christmas carols below:


Filed by Kate Auletta  |