11/15/2011 12:16 pm ET

Venice, Italy: The World's Most Romantic City (PHOTOS)

Ah Venice, how we love thee.

Though there is a tax for tourists due to its sinking status, the city of canals is still one of the world's most striking. Other cities may try to capitalize on Venice's beauty by adopting a "Venice of..." moniker, but none are the true Queen of the Adriatic.

Thanks to a new mandate, Venice's once exclusive Lido beach is now open to the public. Now, travelers can schmooze with the likes of Olivia Wilde and John Leguizamo, who owned property in Venice.

After lounging on the Lido and taking a spin in a gondola, sample culinary delicacies of the Veneto like risotto and prosecco.

Complete a Venetian visit by adding your own "love lock" and taking in the colorful area of Burano, and see how the city of canals is a tourist's dream destination.

Happy Travel Tuesday!

Venice, Italy