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Women Keep Secrets For 32 Minutes, Study Shows

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If you've just shared a secret with a woman, you've got 32 minutes until she tells all.

That's the findings from a study commissioned by skincare company Simple, which polled 3,000 British women, reports the Daily Mail.

No matter how personal or confidential the information, one in 10 women admitted to being unable to keep a secret, while almost half who took part said they'd often felt the need to offload their secrets to someone.

Affairs, plastic surgery and relationship problems topped the list of gossip shared, reports the Mirror.

But telling all has its consequences. One in 10 women quizzed said they'd fallen out with a friend over letting secrets slip, notes The Mirror.

"This poll clearly shows that women really struggle to keep secrets," said Simple Spokesman told the Daily Mail.

"Spilling the beans in just 32 minutes is very fast work, but with modern technology someone's juicy secret can be spread to huge amount of people all over the world in a very short space of time."

But if you happen to believe the stereotype that the fairer sex talks more than men, think again. In 2007, NPR reported on a study out of the University of Arizona that found men talk more than women, especially when engaged in conversation with their wives or strangers. Women on the other hand tend to speak more to college classmates or children.

With 80% of our conversation made up of gossip, the struggle to steer clear of the dirt on friends or celebrities may not be our fault. According to John L. Locke, author of "Eavesdropping: An Intimate History" and "Duels and Duets: Why Men and Women Talk So Differently", there may be an evolutionary reason why humans gossip as it serves as a policing of unwanted behavior in society.

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