Denver Nanny Carjacked With Young Boy She Was Caring For Still In The Backseat (VIDEO)

11/15/2011 09:51 am ET | Updated Nov 18, 2011

On Monday afternoon, a Denver nanny was driving a 3-year-old boy around when she was carjacked -- the suspect drove off in her car with the young boy still inside. The boy is safe and the vehicle has been found, but Denver police are still looking for the suspect.

Fox31 reports that the nanny had stopped her Toyota Scion to help an elderly man she saw fall down at a bus stop near E. 6th Ave. and Colorado Blvd. When she got out of her car, the suspect jumped in.

Before driving off, the nanny pleaded with the suspect to stop, but he ignored her and took off down the road. The nanny then latched onto the car and tried to break a window, desperately trying to save the boy, and wound up getting dragged 10 to 20 feet as the suspect drove off taking the young boy, still in the backseat, with him, 9News reports.

The nanny, having suffered a minor scrape on her knee, would not give up. According to 7News, she then flagged down another car and chased after the suspect who sideswiped another car about a block away, but the suspect out drove them and the nanny lost sight of the car.

Officers got a report of the sideswiping and immediately moved into the area. They found the nanny's car abandoned -- with the boy still inside. The police said the boy was in very good spirits and did not appear to be fazed by the event. He was reunited with his parents shortly thereafter.

Authorities are still looking for the carjacker who is described as a white male, approximately 6 feet tall with dark hair pulled into a pony tail. He was last seen in baseball cap, dark shirt and dark jeans. Police believe that he may have hopped onto a bus after the incident and is no longer in the area.