11/15/2011 09:01 pm ET

Ellen Gifts Stolen U-Haul Family To Make Up For Their Loss

The Bischofberger family was en route to their new home in Long Beach when their U-Haul moving truck, full of all of their possessions, was stolen. The family of four previously lived in northern California and were headed to Long Beach for a job opportunity for the father, Allen Bischofberger. Bischofberger told ABC, "You put everything you own in a box.. I left it on the street, locked the truck, took the key inside and thought it was safe, and it wasn't."

Sentimental items such as the children's stuffed animals and the couple's wedding photos were among some of the items stolen. While the stolen U-Haul was recovered early on Monday morning, Bischofberger estimates that nearly 80% of their belongings were gone for good, reports The LA Times. Thankfully, the stuffed animals and photos were recovered. The family has received warm emails and support from many friends and members of the community. But to show that California isn't always that bad - and to make up for their extensive loss - today Ellen Degeneres welcomed the family onto her show and at the end, gifted them with a brand new flat screen television, $500 to Rite Aid and $1,000 to Target.

WATCH the gift reveal and how moved the Bischofberger parents were at this kind of a Southern California welcome: