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Newt Gingrich: Voters Have 'Got To Come To Their Own Judgment' About Affairs, Divorces

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Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich recently addressed his rocky private life, saying that voters would have "to come to their own judgment" about his past affairs and divorces.

Gingrich is currently married to his third wife, Callista, and has previously admitted to having extramarital affairs. In an interview with "Fox and Friends" on Tuesday, the former House Speaker discussed his regrets and how his past decisions may affect his 2012 run:

I'm very open about the fact that I've had moments in my life that I regret. I've indicated that I had to go to God to ask forgiveness and seek reconciliation. Anybody who looks at me as a 68-year-old grandfather and says, "All right, has he grown wiser, has he learned from his experiences, is he somebody that I would trust to lead the American people?" -- they've got to come to their own judgment about that.

Though Gingrich insists he's changed his ways, his unstable past may not resonate with conservative voters. According to a recent poll, almost half of Republicans in Iowa say they won't vote for a candidate who's been married multiple times or admitted to having an affair.

Gingrich seemed optimistic though, touting his "substance and positive solutions" as reasons why Americans have supported him, helping him gain ground in recent polls.

"I think they're looking for somebody who makes sense and who offers them an optimistic sense that we can get America to work again," Gingrich said.

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