Alcohol Commercial Suddenly Turns Anti-Drinking (VIDEO)

11/16/2011 03:56 pm ET

Awesome, a commercial for alcohol!

Cue the attractive people chatting and sipping and being all happy and ... suave. Enter the semi-slow-motion and super-up-close shot of said alcohol being poured over clinking ice cubes.

Next, get ready for the ... shocking statistics of country-wide alcohol addiction? Number of children who suffer with alcoholic parents?

What kind of alcohol commercial is this?! It turns out, it's actually the opposite.

What at first seems like a run-of-the-mill commercial for a generic scotch-or-whiskey-looking liquor is actually an anti-drinking PSA video done by the Swedish group IQ. The ad was commissioned by Systembolaget, a group of government-owned liquor stores that aim to combat the country's alcohol problems by selling alcohol in a responsible way.

"In Sweden, for example," the narrator says right after the video does a 180, "one in five children suffer because their mum or dad drinks too much."

Now that he has your attention, the narrator continues with even more sobering facts.

"Eight out of 10 acts of violence in public places are alcohol-related."

Eeesh, okay, you have our attention, but seriously, that was not what we expected.

The campaign comes after the launch of IQ's iPhone app in August, which allowed partygoers to record their sloppy shenanigans in the hopes of inspiring regret when they view it the next day.

"When you're drunk, you perhaps view yourself in a different way than you would if you viewed yourself drunk when you were sober," IQ CEO Magnus Jagerskog told The Local. "We want to give people a picture of how they are when they are drunk and give people the chance to reflect."