11/16/2011 05:42 pm ET | Updated Nov 18, 2011

Step-parenting Tips: 'Today' Show Experts Weigh In

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Two blended family experts stopped by the "Today" show Wednesday to offer tips for step-parenting success.

Psychologist Michelle Callahan talked about who should be responsible for disciplining the kids. "What we found is that it actually works better if you don't put the step-parent in the role of disciplinarian right away," she said. "You really let the biological parent take the lead on that."

Dana Points, editor in chief of Parents magazine, said that less emphasis should be placed on maintaining consistency among children in blended households. "I think you really want to pick your battles there and don't try to have uniform rules across both households," she said. "Pick a few things that are really important to you."

The experts agreed that biological parents should maintain open communication with each other in order to avoid conflict and misunderstanding between their new families, though at times "it can be challenging," said Callahan.

"Yet one more reason to work at the marriage you're already in," said Today show host Kathie Lee Gifford.