11/16/2011 01:02 pm ET

Eric Bolling: Gabrielle Giffords Should Step Down (VIDEO)

Fox News host Eric Bolling said he thinks Rep. Gabrielle Giffords should step down from her congressional post on Tuesday's "The Five."

The show replayed a clip of Giffords' first interview since she was shot in January. Giffords has made dramatic progress in therapy, and expressed hopes of returning to Congress when she gets "better."

Bolling called the interview "heart-warming," but suggested that now may be time to vacate Giffords' seat in Congress. "In the risk of sounding very callous -- these are tough times, the economy's on its ear, we really need all hands on deck," he said. "For me, it seems like forget next year, maybe even now say 'Hey look, maybe they should hold a special election right away to see if he we can get someone who is really capable and able to make the right decisions.'"

After saying that the interview made him "well up," co-host Bob Beckel also asked if running for re-election would be in her best interest.

Meanwhile, co-host Brian Kilmeade came out strongly in favor of Giffords keeping her seat, noting that a capable staff is a worthy substitute while she is in rehabilitation. He remarked, "If she formed a staff in her likeness, people that she believes what she believes, if they can do a lot of the work for her while she rehabs, if that is something she wants, she took a bullet to the head for this country! At least she can finish her job if she chooses!"

WATCH (via Mediaite):