Farmers Field Designs Revamped (PHOTOS)

11/16/2011 05:46 pm ET

Farmers Field just got a makeover -- now all it needs is final approval and a football team.

In an afternoon press conference on Tuesday, architect firm Gensler and AEG unveiled new rendering for the arena, which include a "revolutionary deployable roof solution" that could adjust depending on the needs of the stadium. Gensler Principal Ron Turner said, "Our charge is not only to design a stadium that offers the ideal outdoor NFL experience but also to have a fully enclosable facility that creates an equally appealing location and atmosphere for indoor events and conventions."

In his critique of the Farmers Field renderings, Los Angeles Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne wrote that the designs seem both "lighter" and "more bloated" at the same time. And while Hawthorne acknowledges AEG's desire for an "immediately recognizable architectural personality," he thinks that the stadium's new winged roof make the stadium seem "top-heavy" and inelegant.

LA Weekly was more blunt, comparing the new roof structure to a maxi-pad with wings, and Curbed LA called the new wings "shoulder pads."

Compare the photos of Gensler's initial design for Farmers Field and take a look at the new renderings below. In the comments section, let us know: did Gensler improve on their designs?

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