George McGovern Told Obama To Bring Iraq Troops Home

11/16/2011 04:25 pm ET

A slew of comparisons have been made between the wars in Iraq and Vietnam. So it should come as no surprise that George McGovern, former Democratic presidential candidate and major Vietnam war opponent, urged Obama to bring the troops home this past summer.

"I said, 'You know Mr. President ... we can't control the situation over there, and even if it were desirable to try, we can't afford it," he told Politico. "I want to see you reelected, but I'd feel a lot better about it if you'd bring our troops home from the war."

McGovern ran for president in 1972 on an anti-Vietnam war platform. In 1963, he was the first senator to oppose the military action and in 1970 even proposed an amendment to end the Vietnam war.

President Obama announced last month that by the end of the year, all U.S. troops will be pulled out of Iraq.

The decision has received generally positive reactions, although many prominent Republicans have expressed skepticism.

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