Politicians Mangling Spanish, '&iexclNo Comprendo!' (VIDEO)

11/16/2011 08:44 pm ET | Updated Nov 18, 2011

It was bound to happen. And it will happen again. And again.

As Latino voters gain influence in helping decide who gets elected in the United States, politicians are forced to be ever more attentive to the interests of this community.

On Wednesday, it was Herman Cain's turn to try to speak Spanish with some gusto as he tried to describe just how much he liked his cup of strong Cuban coffee, served at Miami-institution, Cafe Versailles. But he forgot to note the difference between Cuban -- the coffee -- and Spanish -- the language.

And he's not alone. Political leaders as sophisticated as President Obama and Jackie Kennedy have had their turn with Spanish to engage Latino voters. Others, like former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have fearlessly applied the Spanish they have learned in their course of their lives, to mixed reactions. Bloomberg's awesome efforts even inspiring a popular Twitter parody, El Bloombito.

The 2012 election season continues to heat up. We can rest easy knowing that there will be more examples to add to this manglin' spanglish gallery over the coming months. Stay tunando! ;-)


Politicians Speaking Spanish